​Michigan Transfer Agreement & MiTransfer Pathway

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was designed to simplify the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to another. The College for Creative Studies is a participating member in the MTA which requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of coursework (approximately 1 year of full time attendance) completed in select disciplines. The MiTransfer Pathways build upon the MTA requirements to provide guidance for students who are seeking a longer transfer plan and include studio recommendations and additional liberal arts course equivalents.

Because of the specialized nature of CCS’s liberal arts curriculum and the additional requirements in Art History and Visual Culture Studies required of our graduates, students are highly encouraged to follow the MTA guides provided by CCS when opting for this path to Transfer. If a guide for the specific institution you are seeking is not posted, please contact our Transfer Team to request one.


Students satisfying the MTA utilizing CCS’s MTA guides will earn credit for the following general education requirements upon admission:

One course in Freshman Composition
One course in Composition II (a required interdisciplinary course)
One course in Quantitative Reasoning/Natural Science
Seven courses in one or more of the following disciplines;(dependent upon the students’ selections)
Art History
Visual Culture Studies
World Literature
Liberal Arts Elective(s)
Open Elective

Students who do not complete the entire block of courses required for the MTA will receive transfer credit for the courses they complete provided they meet CCS’s transfer credit policies.

MTA Guides

Delta College
Grand Rapids Community College
Henry Ford College
Lansing Community College
Macomb Community College
Montcalm Community College
Muskegon Community College
North Central Michigan College
Northwestern Michigan College
Oakland Community College
Schoolcraft College
St. Clair County Community College
Washtenaw Community College
General MTA Guide

MiTransfer Pathway for Art

Students beginning their college path from any of the 23 community colleges participating in the MiTransfer Pathway for Studio Art can complete the courses below and transfer them toward their degree in Interdisciplinary Art & Design- completing in as little as 2 years upon matriculation.*

TheMiTransfer Pathway integrates the general education courses outlined in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). Because CCS’s liberal arts requirements include many 1st and 2nd year liberal arts in Art History and Visual Culture, students are encouraged to follow both the MiTransfer designated courses and the MTA guide for the Community College they plan to attend.

*Already completed college level courses? Contact our Transfer Team to get customized guidance prior to starting the MiTransfer Pathway.

The Art MiTransfer Pathways courses and CCS equivalents are:

The Art MiTransfer pathway also stipulates that students should complete 2 additional studio courses at the community college level.

Studio Requirement One
We recommend all students complete the following course:

Studio Requirement Two and Additional Program Requirements:

Recommendations for the second studio course are listed under ‘General Undergraduate Studio’ in our equivalency database. Students are free to complete any one course of their choosing to fulfill the MiTransfer Art Studio requirements:

GUS 100 Approved Courses
GUS 200 Approved Courses

Please contact our transfer team for equivalent course recommendations if you are unable to find a match in the Michigan Transfer Network.

Additional program requirements that students can use to fulfill requirements at both 2 year and 4 year level for these majors:
Business Practices (DAS213 Approved Courses)
Composition II (DEN 102) – may count toward MTA requirements
World Literature (DEN239 – may count toward MTA Humanities requirements

Critical Information

*Students are not guaranteed admission by the MiTransfer Pathways agreement. All admission criteria must be met before credit will be applied. See https://www.ccsdetroit.edu/admissions/transfer-admissions/ for details 

Students seeking admission are encouraged to apply the fall prior to their intended start term for full scholarship consideration and priority registration. 

A grade of “C” or above (2.0) is required to transfer credit. 

Work examples from studio courses required to secure approval of transfer credit- be sure to save or document images from all courses completed at a college level.  

Click here to view our full Transfer Policy and common Transfer FAQ’s.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

If you are interested in transferring to the College for Creative Studies and aren’t ready to speak with our admissions team just yet, our Transfer Evaluation System (TES) may provide you with answers about which of your completed college courses will transfer.

To get started, go to TES and follow the instructions for ‘future students.’