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Fashion Design student presenting designs to industry partners

Careers and Experiential Learning

There are many things that set CCS apart from other higher educational institutions, but a few key differentiators include the opportunity to participate in experiential learning, collaborations with industry in the classroom and all of the pathways to creative careers.

Experiential learning helps prepare you for life after graduation. It will provide you with opportunities to gain practical skills through hands-on experiences with faculty, peers, industry and community partners. This could look different for everyone, but in the end, our goal is for you to have an experiential learning opportunity to highlight on your resume and in your portfolio.

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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning by doing and includes anything from internships, industry sponsored projects, artistic installations, volunteer opportunities, basically practical hands-on experiences that will help prepare you for the career of your dreams.

Careers & Career Development

CCS’s Career Development team is dedicated to connecting students and alumni to professional development opportunities and resources that will aid them in identifying and obtaining their personal career goals.

Connecting to Students - Employer Resources

CCS has formed strategic relationships with partners across the world. Learn more about how. to connect with students for internships, full time jobs, partnerships in the classroom, fresh perspectives and more.