Graduate Portfolio Requirements

The artwork submitted in the application should demonstrate original thinking and should be a reflection of yourself and how you view the world. Edit your work. Quality is more important than quantity. Work completed within the last two years is usually the strongest. Portfolios should be submitted at, separately from your online application (Note there is a $18 fee). If it is not possible for you to upload your work, you may request an online portfolio review.

Portfolio Requirements by Program

Art Education

Color & Materials Design

User Experience Design

Transportation Design

Portfolio Best Practices

Check this list to avoid portfolio pitfalls before your submission.

  • Please do not include drawings of existing or famous characters anime or cartoon or game characters, create original characters instead.
  • If you are submitting a sketch, be sure that the sketch is a strong representation of your skill and ideas, and has a strong composition, movement, line quality, etc.
  • Don’t shoot all your photographs in one day or one session to create all the pieces for your portfolio; instead, show us how you use photography over time to document a unique perspective of the world around you.
  • When recording and editing sound, double-check your volume levels.
  • Supplemental written-word creative work can be submitted but it will not complete the visual art portfolio requirements detailed above
  • If you are going to link to a Google folder to share your work, make certain the Share Setting is “Anyone with the link” can view it since we have a team of people who may need to access it.

Chat with the Chairs

Connect with the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research or a Program Chair to learn more about a specific program and CCS.