First Semester = 15-16 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
SLP 007CCS First Year Experience1
DFN 135Image Concepts I3
DFN 1372D & 3D Integrated Design Studio3
DFN 139 Color & Light Studies3
DPH 151Black & White Photography3
DEN 101 Composition I 3
Second Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DFN 136Image Concepts II3
DFN 1384D Design Studio3
DPH 142Performative Spaces3
DPH 155Basic Digital Imaging for Photographers3
DEN 102Composition II3


Third Semester = 18 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH ---Photography Elective3
DPH 209Intermediate Photo Digital Methods*3
DPH 211Studio Lighting I3
DPH 214Color Theory & Practices I3
DAH 200Western Art History/Visual Culture3
DEN 239Survey of World Literature3
Fourth Semester = 18 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH 210Photo Fine Arts Concepts*3
DPH 251Studio Lighting II3
DPH 254Color Theory & Practices II3
DAS 213Business Practices3
Choose OneDAH 201Visual Narration: Asia or Visual Narration: Africa/America3
DLE ---General Education Elective3

*Students may alternate between DPH 209 and DPH 210 in the Fall/Winter semesters

Fifth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH 311Advanced Studio Lighting I3
DPH 353Advanced Photo Fine Art Forms3
DPH - - -Photo Elective3
DAH 313History of Photography3
DVC 200Concepts & Methods/Visual Culture3
Sixth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH 351Advanced Studio: Art and Commerce3
DPH 313Advanced Photo Fine Arts Concepts3
DPH 358Advanced Digital Photo Media3
DNS 300Natural Science 3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
Seventh Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH 411Photo Thesis Project I3
DPH ---Photo Elective3
DPH ---Photo Elective3
Choose OneDAH** --- or DVC** ---Art History or Visual Culture Elective3
D-- ---Elective3
Eighth Semester = 15 Credit Hours
Course #Course TitleCredits
DPH 451Photo Thesis Project II3
DPH - - -Photo Elective3
DLE ---General Education Elective 3
DLE ---General Education Elective
D-- ---Elective3

**DAH/DVC must be taken at the 200 level or higher

Catalog Year 22/23  Total Credits 126-127
Total credits: 127: First Year Experience=1; Foundations=18; Major=60; Gen Ed=42; General Elective=6


Vision Statement

The Photography Department will be an inclusive environment for innovative image-makers who push the technical and conceptual boundaries of lens-based practices. It will provide a globally aware and engaged education that prepares makers for the potentialities of our ever-evolving world of still and moving pictures.

Mission Statement

The Photography Department emboldens students for a future in lens-based media with a mastery of analog and digital techniques and a deep conceptual understanding of the medium’s past, present, and future. The department is committed to being a center for critical thinking, active learning, and aesthetic development. It prepares students for a broad range of professional photographic and motion practices for a rapidly changing, but image-dominated world. Graduates are ready to be visual leaders, pursue advanced degrees, and responsibly assume their role as skilled photographers and artists.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Upon graduation, students in the BFA Photography program will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively through lens-based media and innovate in their own visual style as demonstrated through a range of output methods.
  2. Possess a critical understanding of photography’s historical and contemporary trends through visual, written, and oral means, and incorporate this knowledge into their own practice.
  3. Make work that reflects and responds to culture and society from their position as ethically responsible artists.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency and creative problem solving in historical and contemporary image making systems, software and tools, with the flexibility and independence needed to adapt to the ever-evolving platforms and processes by which images are made and delivered.
  5. Exhibit leadership in their field and foster an ethical approach to image-making through a shared commitment towards equitable representation in the arts and visual culture.