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Entertainment Arts at CCS prepares students to join the next generation of storytellers, whether through animation, concept design, digital film, or video games. 

Entertainment Arts Animation Maquette

Alexandra Martinescul

entertainment arts game design showing various views of game elements like a clock and guitar that go in the fictional house

Allison Fijalkowski

Students can choose from the animation, concept design, digital film or game design paths and customize the curriculum to suit their individual talents and goals. They learn from Hollywood insiders, using the latest software and equipment.

All of the Entertainment Arts emphases are currently STEM-designated programs. International students completing this program qualify to apply for the STEM OPT (optional practical training) Extension.


Concept Design

Game Design

Students have access to industry-standard software, hardware (PC and Mac) and equipment, including editing suites, a gaming lab and full virtual reality capability with Vive goggles and sensors. The facilities, paired with acclaimed faculty prepare students for a career in whichever path they have chosen. 


3D Artist
3D Character Artist
3D Modeler
3D Production Artist
3D Visualization Artist
Armature Builder
CG Artist
Character Animator
Cinematics Director

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Concept Artist
Creative Visualization Designer
Digital Designer
Digital Media Creator
Digital Product Designer
Environment Artist
Flash Artist
FX Artist
Game Artist/Designer/Developer
Hair and Cloth Artist
Interactive Imaging
Layout Artist
Level Designer
Look Development Artist
Maquette Builder
Matte Painter
Mocap Artist
Motion Graphics Artist
Multimedia Specialist
Stop Motion Animator
Storyboard Artist
Texture Painter
VFX Artist
VFX Supervisor
Video Game Specialist
Video Producer
Weapon Artist
Web Artist


Danette Beatty

3D Artist
Ustwo Games


Damarcus Holbrook

Senior World Builder
Blizzard Entertainment


Dave Hardin

Supervising Animator
Walt Disney Animation Studios


Victoria Richards

Lead Editor
Outloud Media


Rebecca Ross

CGI Artist
Armstrong White


Zach Smith

Nickelodeon Animation


Jennifer Strickland

Storyboard Director
Disney Television Animation


Joey Tiernan

Senior Nuke Compositor
Paramount Pictures

In The News

CCS named in Animation Career Review’s Top 20 Game Design School Rankings

CCS named in Animation Career Review’s Top 20 Game Design School Rankings

The Animation Career Review has announced its annual school rankings, with the College for Creative Studies scoring a spot on the list. The criteria used in determining the rankings include academic reputation, depth and breadth of the program faculty, admission selectivity, and graduation rate.