Accordion Book – Mixed Media; wood panels Yellow rectangle Olivia Heron Clay tile with a green and red geometric pattern Yellow rectangle Kiera Molloy, Class of '20

Art Education

Course #Course TitleCreditsField Experience Hours
DAE 200Education Foundations: History & Philosophy of Education315 General Ed Focus
DAE 250Human Development, Creativity & Visual Learning310 Special Ed Focus
Course #Course TitleCreditsField Experience Hours
DAE 315Elementary Art Teaching: Methods, Materials & content Area Literacy330 K-5 Art Classroom
DAE 405Secondary Art Teaching: Methods, Materials & Content Area Literacy330 6-12 Art Classroom
DAE 407Reading and Language Arts Methods & Technology310 K-6 Reading Tutors
Service Learning Project in a supervised setting20 Community Focus
Adult & Child CPR & First Aid Training, SMEA Membership, Compliance Forms
Course #Course TitleCreditsField Experience Hours
DAE 510Directed Teaching10
DAE 520Professional Seminar2
Pass MTTC LQ 95 Visual Arts Education Test
Total Credits27 115 Total Field Experience Hours

Art Education Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Upon graduation from the CCS Art Education Program students will demonstrate:

1. Mastery of art materials, techniques, and delivery appropriate to K-12 art education as evidenced through successful Behaviors and Dispositions and end-of-course assessments.
2. Proficiency in the development of culturally relevant pedagogy appropriate for all levels of K12 students as evidenced by successful lesson and unit plan writing in required courses.
3. Theoretical and practical comprehension of the learner and learning as evidenced by successful completion of required courses, practicum and field experiences.
4. Proficiency in delivery and instructional practice as evidenced by the recommendation of mentor and supervising teachers in directed teaching.
5. Professional responsibility as evidenced by a demonstrated commitment to teaching, leadership in the field, service to the community, and reflective learning.