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James Garvey

Chair, Liberal Arts ; Guest Lecturer, Design for Climate Action
BA in Philosophy, Wake Forest University; MA in Philosophy, Michigan State University; PhD in Philosophy, University College London

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James Garvey’s books are about the history of ideas, philosophy, society, politics, climate change, the mind, and the dark arts of persuasion. They’ve been translated into ten languages. He writes papers for academic journals and opinion pieces and reviews, mainly for the Guardian, The Times Literary Supplement, Prospect, and the Times Higher Education.

He’s interested in how minds change, what creativity is, and the moral dimension of the transition to a sustainable world.

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Professional Experience

Having taught philosophy at various universities in the United Kingdom, and after completing a PhD in understanding consciousness at University College London, Garvey took on the role of Managing Director of The Royal Institute of Philosophy, a charity dedicated to clear thinking in the wider world. Working during a period of change and expansion, he focused on fundraising and outreach, helping to bring critical thinking to thousands of students in schools, prisons, a mental health charity and a homeless shelter. He is the editor-in-chief of The Philosophers’ Magazine, an independent quarterly devoted to reasoned discussion on topics that matter the most.

He gives keynotes for businesses, talks at book festivals, and has presented radio programs for the BBC on the misuses of neuroscience and the role of behavioral science in pandemic politics.

Significant Publications, Presentations and Exhibitions

  • The Persuaders: the hidden industry that wants to change your mind, Icon Books, 2016
  • The Story of Philosophy with J Stangroom, Quercus, 2012
  • The Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophy of Mind (ed), Bloomsbury, 2011
  • The Ethics of Climate Change, Bloomsbury, 2008;
  • The Twenty Greatest Philosophy Books, Continuum, 2007
  • The Great Philosophers, Arcturus, 2005,
  • Series Editor, Think Now: Contemporary Social and Political Issues, Bloomsbury.
  • ‘Climate Change and Causal Inefficacy: Why Go Green if It Makes No Difference?’ in A O’Hear (Ed) The Environment, CUP, 2011
  • ‘Climate Change is a Moral Problem for You Right Now’, M. Nelson and K. Moore (Eds), Moral Ground, MSU Press, 2011
  • ‘Climate Change and Moral Outrage’, Human Ecology Review 17 (2), 2010
  • Climate Change, Consequences, Intentions and Consistency’, Dialogue, 31, November 2008
  • ‘The Moral Use of Technology’, in A. O’Hear (Ed.) The Philosophy of Science, CUP, 2007
  • Consciousness and Absence’. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 13, 2006