CCS International Baccalaureate (IB) Equivalency Chart


CCS recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma, the Career Programme, as well as individually completed IB courses. Students seeking credit for any examination-based or dual enrollment coursework may be granted a maximum of 30 credit hours upon enrollment.

Official placement of any credit is subject to our transfer credit policy including receipt of an official exam transcript. To request a transcript be sent to CCS, go to:

IB Subject NameMin. IB ScoreCCS Equivalent CoursePotential Credits
Social and Cultural Anthropology5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Biology5+4+DNS 345: Biology & Earth Science3
Business Management5+4+DAS 213: Business Practices3
Chemistry5+4+DNS: Natural Science Elective3
Computer Science5+4DNS: Natural Science Elective3
NA5+DNS Elective & either General Elective or Major Studio*6
Dance5+4+General Elective3
Design Technology5+4DNS: Natural Science Elective3
NA5+DNS Elective & either General Elective or Major Studio*6
Economics5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Environmental Systems5+NADNS 345: Biology & Earth Science3
Film5+4DVC 306: Introduction to Film3
NA5+DVC 306 + either General Elective or Major Studio*6
Geography5+4+DNS 345: Biology & Earth Science3
History (Any)5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
(English) Language A 5+4DEN 101: Composition I3
NA5+DEN 101: Composition I + DEN 102: Composition II6
Language A (not in English)5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Language B (in English)NA5+ELS 101: Composition for Non-Native English Speakers4
Language B (not in English)5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Further Mathematics5+4+DNS 230: Basic Math Skills3
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches5+4+DNS 230: Basic Math Skills3
Mathematics: Applications & Interpretation5+4+DNS 230: Basic Math Skills3
Music5+4+General Elective3
Physics5+4+DNS: Natural Science Elective3
Philosophy5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Politics5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3
Psychology5+4+DSS 221: Intro to Psychology3
Theatre5+4+DLE--- Elective or DFN142*3
Visual Arts5+4DVC (Visual Culture Elective) or Foundations (DFN) Studio*3
N/A5+DVC Elective + either General Elective or DFN Studio*6
World Religions5+4+DLE: (General Education) Elective3

Required Core Components of the IB Diploma (letter grading scale)

RequirementMinimum GradeCCS Equivalent CoursePotential Credits
(EE) Extended Essay C' or aboveDLE --- : General Education Elective3
(TOK) Theory of KnowledgeC' or aboveDLE --- : General Education Elective3
(CAS) Creativity-Activity-Servicemust be fully satisfied in order to receive college credit for core requirements
*for courses with multiple equivalents listed: Work examples from studio courses may be required to finalize evaluation and placement. See your CCS admissions counselor for details
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