CCS Photography Students Earn Global Recognition in PhotoVogue

March 21, 2023

A model wearing sunglasses in a headshot

Three Photography students earn recognition on the elite photography platform PhotoVogue.

Senior Brendan Brooks has had the honor of his work being featured three times on PhotoVogue. The first was in October 2022 for his work titled “MoonBurn.” A thought-provoking piece from his series “Carbon, Concrete,” which delves into communication, behavior and expression in response to the bias of fashion and contemporary dress. The second and third pieces chosen from this series were featured in December 2022 in Vogue Italia and March 2023 on PhotoVogue.

Teilo Wessels, senior, had five works selected in December 2022. “Absent” focused on the relationship between clothing and identity, while “Release” invokes the feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulder. Chosen in January 2023, Wessels’ pieces titled “Dunes” and “Pyramids” were part of a landscape series taken in Egypt, highlighting the intersection of geometry and the natural landscape. Most recently, in February 2023, “Lacuna” — which is also a part of his landscape series from Egypt — brought attention to the interaction between the environment and colors of the landscape. He also contributed to the background imagery for Brooks’ work “Concrete.”

Junior Tori Craig’s work “Cocoa Butter Kiss” was also featured in January 2023. Craig’s work celebrates the diversity and beauty of black culture, while also highlighting the importance of embracing individuality and excellence.

PhotoVogue is an online community and database connecting artists and commerce through Condé Nast’s global networks. Artists from over 200 countries are represented with the opportunity to have their work published or commissioned by the Condé Nast brands and commercial partners.