a photo of a dad talking to his kid at the breakfast table about art school. This was an advertisement made by the marketing team

Marketing & Communications at CCS

Welcome to CCS Marketing & Communications! We’re a comprehensive, collaborative and strategic team of content makers and brand strategizers, excited to be building CCS’s brand through compelling stories, branded collateral, media opportunities and more. We are committed to our mission of supporting CCS’s strategic goals.

What We Do

We are storytellers. We want to share what our programs, faculty, students and alumni do in the world.

Something interesting happening in your classroom or studio? Is there a student working on a game-changing project? Submit your story idea using  this form.

Our services include:

  • creative services
  • printed publications
  • brand strategy
  • digital news and content development
  • media relations
  • web and digital communications
  • marketing and communications strategy
  • social media, photo and video initiatives, and more


Requests for work

Please fill out one of the forms below for a work request. Please contact  with any questions.

Who We Are

Headshot of Olga Stella
Olga Stella
Vice President
Strategy & Communications

headshot of Megan Mesack

Megan Mesack
Executive Director
Marketing & Communications

Headshot, marketing manager stacy hutchcraft

Stacy Hutchcraft
Marketing & Communications


Headshot of Hailey Dukes
Hailey Dukes
Digital Specialist

Headshot of Daniel Greco

Daniel Greco
User Experience Designer

Headshot of Katie Kunesh

Katie Kunesh
Creative Director

Headshot of Paul Briles
Paul Briles
Video Producer

Amber Zundel headshot near a window

Amber Zundel
Assistant Director, Social Media