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a headshot of CCS president Don Tuski in his study Yellow rectangle Don Tuski, President of the College for Creative Studies

A three-time college president and Michigan native, Donald L. Tuski began his term as President of the College for Creative Studies in July, 2019.

An educator and advocate for students, Tuski teaches courses in the college’s Liberal Arts department and is very involved with many student groups on campus. Recognizing the increasing cost of higher education, Tuski is committed to maximizing value for students so that CCS graduates have the capacity to sustainable practice their creative discipline. As a result, one of Tuski’s primary focuses at CCS is experiential learning and ensuring that every student that attends CCS has an opportunity to learn by doing. 

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Accomplishments at CCS

Shortly after his term began at CCS, the world was impacted by a global pandemic that changed everyday life and specifically, the education landscape. Tuski shepherded major changes that would allow CCS education to continue in compliance with ever-changing health and safety regulations. Throughout the 20-21 academic year, CCS students could study fully online, in-person or in a hybrid format. Although the College is still dealing with the pandemic, CCS is back in person fully for the 21-22 academic year and has had an excellent safety record, touting zero classroom, workplace or academic facility outbreaks.

Additionally, under Tuski’s leadership, new key appointments have been made to help continue the College’s excellence in educating students. 

  • Olga Stella has been appointed Vice President for Strategy and Communications, a new position created to advance strategic initiatives and partnerships to ensure CCS’s long-term adaptability and relevance in the face of changing social and economic conditions.
  • Dr. Deirdre Young was appointed the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Dean for Institutional Equity and Inclusion to support and advance a diverse and equitable campus culture for students and also lead the CCS community in the design and implementation of a framework that will guide campus-wide decisions, practices and policies regarding inclusion.
  • An Office of Education Technology and Innovation has been established to continue to move the College’s online learning forward, with Ryan Ansel as the Executive Director.
  • Hollywood concept designer and educator Tim Flattery was appointed as the Undergraduate Dean. In this role, Flattery will lead the undergraduate academic programs and serve as a liaison between the faculty, chairs and president.
  • An Office of Partnerships has been established and is a driving force in creating experiential learning and career development opportunities for all students.

Leadership Experience

Prior to CCS, Tuski served as President and professor of anthropology at PNCA. He led enrollment growth at the institution during which time PNCA welcomed the largest first-year class in its 110-year history.

At Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland, Maine, Tuski led a sustained period of development from 2010 to 2016, increasing enrollment by 22 percent and growing revenue by 39 percent. The college’s largest individual gift at the time: $3,000,000 from the Crewe Foundation to launch the Bob Crewe Program in Art and Music.

At Olivet College (his alma mater) Tuski spent 25 years in various roles, where he served for nine years as president (2001–2010). Enrollment increased by more than 50 percent, fundraising totaled $22,000,000. He also secured $3,500,000 for the completion of a new LEED-certified art building.

Donald L. Tuski holds a BA in biology from Olivet College, MA, and PhD in anthropology from Michigan State University.