The College for Creative Studies (CCS) exceeded its wide-ranging enrollment goals for fall 2019, enrolling 1,467 students, a 2.95% increase from 2018. CCS not only welcomed the second largest incoming freshman class in the College’s history but also attracted more students from out of state, saw an increase in students living on campus, a more diverse student body and a 2% increase in retention and graduation rate.

“Our trend in enrollment points to the strength and successes of the College for Creative Studies’ curriculum, facilities, faculty, career placement and overall reputation as well as all the positive changes happening in Detroit. This fall we have welcomed exceptional students from all over the nation and world,” said President Don Tuski.

Another noteworthy statistic involved the College’s improved retention and graduation rates. Over the past five years, CCS has increased fall-to-fall retention among freshmen by 12 percentage points. The latest retention rate from fall 2019 increased to an impressive 81%.CCS’s overall enrollment is now 1,467 students, with 1,414 students in its 11 undergraduate programs, and 53 students in its four graduate programs.

CCS continues to be one of the highest performing private colleges of art and design in the world, placing its graduates in high-ranking positions worldwide. More than 460 companies came to CCS to recruit in the last three years, 148 of them international. All of this contributes to the College’s success in its enrollment.