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CCS Representatives Travel the Globe

March 25, 2024

Global Strategists Vincenzo Lavicoli and Maria Luisa Rossi embarked on an extensive journey throughout India to connect with international partners and share information about the College for Creative Studies. 

This tour represents a proactive endeavor to foster connections, facilitate knowledge exchange, and identify avenues for assuming a prominent role in the global landscape of design education.

During their three-weeks of travel, they visited fourteen universities and two design consultancies across seven cities, gathering a comprehensive overview of India’s vibrant design scene and educational landscape.

Their inclusion in panels and events, such as the Internationalization of Higher Education Symposium at MIT/ADTU in Pune [Rossi] and the inaugural Ceremony of the Ahmedabad Design Week at Karnavaty University [Iavicoli], underscores the recognition and interest demonstrated by Indian stakeholders in acknowledging the global footprint of CCS. 

Active participation in such gatherings and visiting these universities served as a pivotal platform for networking, sharing invaluable insights, unveiling potential avenues for collaboration, attracting students, and elevating the CCS’s stature as a leading center of creativity.