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A complete list of all admissions counselors and other team members is below. Please find your specific counselor based on location and student type: first-year, transfer or graduate. If you are unable to find your designated counselor, please email [email protected] to be connected with the appropriate admissions representative.

Art Educators and High School/College Counselors please visit this webpage to find important information regarding ways to connect with CCS.

Undergraduate Admissions Counselors


First-year Students

A first-year student is an individual completing their final year in high school or have graduated but are not enrolled at a college, university or any other school after receiving their high school diploma or GED. This includes those who have received college credits completed while in high school or participated in an Early/Middle College program.

Michigan Admissions Counselors


Olivia Ezinga (she/her)
Assistant Director of Admissions​
State: Michigan
O: 313-664-7824
M: 313-268-6613
[email protected]


Sabrina Nelson (she/her)
Assistant Director of Admissions
State: Michigan
O: 313-664-7432
M: 313-580-4545
[email protected]

headshot of Oliver Postill sitting in front of plant life behind them,

Olliver Postill (he/him)
Admissions Counselor
State: Michigan
O: 313-664-7821
[email protected]

Patti Spencer (she/her)
Regional Admissions Counselor
State: Michigan
M: 313-495-3144
[email protected]

Regional Admissions Counselors

Admissions Counselor Lisa DeLuca headshot in front of colorful background

Lisa DeLuca (she/her)
Midwest Regional Admissions Counselor
States: Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin
M: 708-408-5472
[email protected]

Julia Depinto

Julia DePinto (she/her)
West Coast Regional Admissions Counselor
States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota. Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming
M: 313.391.4190
[email protected]

Eric Kaster (he/him)
Assistant Director of Admissions
States: Connecticut. Delaware. Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC      
M: 313-407-6739
[email protected]

Headshot of CCS admission scounselor Christine Phillips

Cristina Phillips (she/her)
Southern Regional Admissions Counselor
States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Puerto Rico
M: 313-418-6041
[email protected]

Transfer Students

A transfer student is an individual who has successfully earned *6 or more college-level credits following High School graduation (or an equivalent level of credentialing).

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Russell Shoemaker headshot

Russell Shoemaker (he/him)
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions
All transfer students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
States: All U.S. states and territories
M: 313-570-9566
[email protected]

International Admissions Counselor

First-year and Transfer students

Christopher Corporandy headshot

Chris Corporandy (he/him)
International Admissions Counselor
Non-U.S. citizens (primary, dual or temporary) or permanent residents
M: 313-402-2359
[email protected]



Graduate Admissions

Britney Underwood
Graduate Admissions Counselor

O: 313-664-7622

[email protected]
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Linnea Stromer
Graduate Admissions Office Coordinator

O: 313-664-7816


Administrative Staff

Amy Armand
Director of Recruitment
T: 313-664-7426
Anthony Miceli (he/him)
Executive Director of Admissions
O: 313-664-7814
M: 313-530-3424
[email protected]

Jane Stewart
Director of Precollege and Continuing Studies
T: 313-664-7457

Emma Cinco (she/her)
Admissions Events Coordinator
T: 313-664-7823
[email protected]

Kristine Morgenstein
Scholastic Coordinator
Michigan Thumb Art Region and Southeastern Michigan Art Region
T: 313-664-7621

Amber Thomas
Director of Transfer and Academic Partnerships
T: 313-664-7422
[email protected]
Susan Enright
Admissions Events Manager
T: 313-664-7427
Christine Osinski (she/her)
Director of Admissions Operations
[email protected]
Adrianne Uphold
Marketing Communications Specialist
T: 313-664-7827